The wonder product that boosted a lucerne farmer's yield by 130%

South African farmer experiences first-hand the powerful effect of miracle microbe.

Mr Francois van Rooyen, a lucerne and pecan nut agriculturist in South Africa, carried out a controlled test on two crops of lucerne.

The results were astonishing. Here's what happened...

The side-by-side test

Mr van Rooyen planted two identical fields with lucerne (see picture below).

The soil of both fields were brackish, with a shallow water table. Both fields were drained via underground pipes.

Both fields were top producers with low dormancy, and Mr van Rooyen treated both with organic acids, clay minerals, macro-elements, micro-elements and activated carbon, which brought a balance to the brackish soil.

The only difference...

The only difference between the two fields was that one crop was treated with ExploGrow, while the other wasn't.

Would ExploGrow make a difference? The harvest would tell.

Harvest time

Mr van Rooyen harvested both fields during March / April 2016.

What followed was something he couldn't have predicted...

MASSIVE increase

The untreated lucerne produced a crop of 10 tons per hectare.

The ExploGrow lucerne produced 23 TONS PER HECTARE!

Mr Van Rooyen marvelled, "ExploGrow™ has just raised the maximum yield ceiling for my land and a 130% increase in yield represents a massive increase in profits."

On the left, untreated lucerne. On the right, lucerne treated with ExploGrow
On the left, untreated lucerne. On the right, lucerne treated with ExploGrow. The difference is astounding!

Even drought couldn't stop explosive growth

A drought crippled the central and western regions of South Africa, leaving many crops devastated and profits in the ditch.

Yet, despite the destructive drought, Mr van Rooyen managed to show not only profit, but GROWTH in yield!


Better plant health on the ExploGrow™ treated area showing a "remarkable difference compared to the untreated area".

"After a severe and damaging drought, I would attribute the radically superior yields on the treated land to the bigger root systems, reduction in watering requirements and improved plant health, delivering over 23 tons per hectare compared with only 10 tons per hectare for untreated area." Mr van Rooyen